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The only Bi-morphic ant in Auckland that is a pest. Bimorphic? In other words, an ant with two sizes. Customers often say they have two types of ants. When in fact they the large ones - pictured above- are the guard ants and small ones are the worker ants.  All of them are Coastal Brown Ants.

The Coastal Brown ant prefers sandy areas and often nests outside but occasionally can be found inside houses. The can steal grout from bathrooms and take it back to their nests. Often found in the dishwasher also in the cat food. 

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100% transfer 

There are two main ways of treating ants in the Pest Control industry. The first is repellent chemicals- these kill on contact and set up a barrier. This a common technique and has immediate and impressive results. But even though there are lots of dead ants to see they NEVER get to the queen. Always a temporary solution.  The second is transfer products. These are treatments that do NOT initially kill the ant.  Their mode of action allows the ants to transfer them to the nest. This method is extremely damaging to the nest and provides a longer lasting result. 

We don't use repellent products when we treat ants. 

Using exclusively transfer products we will tailor our treatment for your species of ant and your home. 

Many of customers measure our result in terms of years not weeks or months.

Your home and family

You and your family have busy lives! The ants have been annoying you for a while.

Despite buying some supermarket products they just don’t seem to go away! 

THAT ' S IT!   Time to call in the professionals. But are they going to turn up in their van and dump LITRES of toxic chemicals everywhere?

Not at ACES | ants!

Not only are our product environmentally friendly, but they very LOW toxicity too!  When our chemicals break down in the environment it’s into harmless elements. They are classified as very LOW toxicity to humans and their pets.