Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to ACES | ants frequently asked questions. These are questions you have about we do and should you wish to make a booking what you do.

We treat your ants based on the species of ant. We work out a plan for your home and apply the most effective treatments safely.

There are two ways Pest Controllers treat ants. The first is the barrier method where they put long acting chemcials around your house forming a barrier. Imagine a big red STOP sign around your house to ants.  This has an immediate effect but commonly does not get to remote Queen (s). This technique assumes that ants live outside. What happens if the ants live inside your house structure or kitchen bench? It has a temporary effect, as the barrier wears off with time and the queens are rarely pest controlled. Meaning its just a matter of time before the ants are back. 

The second way is to use transfer products to get to the queen and destroy the nest. Once the Queen/and or the nest is destroyed the ant's system collaspes. We rely on the ants to take the products to the nest. The nest can be inside or outside your house it no longer matters.  Imagine a big green GO sign. We want the ants to come and go and transfer the chemicals to nest (s)  and queen (s). For this to be successful we species match our treatments to ensure maximum uptake and tailor our treatment to where your ants are. Once a nest (s) or Queen (s) are destroyed those ants can not come back.

YES. Our chemicals are keyed up to work on ants/insects and spiders only.  They are considered to be LOW toxicity humans, their children and their pets. 

Around 40-60 minutes.

NO. We do spot treatments inside your house. We do not do a full internal spray. No need to leave.

Perhaps we could let our customers answer this question. See what  REAL customers are saying about our ant treatments on www.nocowboys.co.nz. Kiwis trust this site to find an effective tradesman. 

We understand that pest issues are urgent. We will get to you TODAY or the next working day if possible.

The treatments start working as early as four days on individual ants, but in terms of destroying the nest (s) we allow 2-3 weeks.

YES. When something is difficult, in fact seems impossible you need a silver bullet. You are covered by our silver bullet guarantee.

YES. We have been tested and certified by the EPA. We also have a Science degree from Victoria University ( Wellington) majoring in Entomology ( insects and spiders) .